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Janet Rackham, Beautiful Walls—Long Branch, New Jersey

"Designer, Dannah Asrejadid, of asrejadidinteriors.com created this fabulous space off of the kitchen to function as a family room for the busy young professional homeowners with their two children and beloved Golden doodle, Madison. With the expert assistance of decorative artist, Janet Rackham, the once ordinary space transformed into a rich room worthy of any interior design magazine cover. This elegant living room also doubles as a comfortable family room where the children and Madison are not kept behind the velvet rope. Color and details were executed in absolute perfection by this winning professional combination and the homeowners could not be more pleased with the final result. The deep and gorgeous LusterStone®, a Faux Effects® metallic plaster, ceiling and Faux Effects® golden Palette Deco™ striae wall colors were inspired from the seating area carpet fibers for seamless color blending. The additions of brass accents add formality, and highlight the wall finish gold tones. “When the sun shines through the many windows, this living space positively glows,” says Janet.

I have always loved working on houses-peeling, patching, painting and most of all, picking out color! Meanwhile, I was working in finance in Manhattan to make my living, but life changed after 9/11 and like many people, I no longer found purpose in my work. A friend suggested I might like decorative painting. I tried it, and I DID! Started my decorative painting business in 2002 and haven’t looked back.

Since then, I have been featured in Architectural Digest Home Design Show a couple of times, painted the bridal suite in the 2010 Holiday House Show house and been privileged to work in amazing homes from DC to the Upper East Side of Manhattan as well as throughout the greater New York Metro area.Now I am branching out to hand painted wallpaper. Life is too short to work in finance!


Janet Rackham—Beautiful Walls

615 Wall Street

Long Branch, NJ 07740

Tel: 908-875-5070

Email: beautifulwalls@gmail.com

Photography: Wing Wong—Rutherford, NJ

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Daphne Potter established DL Designs—Windsor, Colorado in 2000

The inspiration came from a natural love and gift for painting, and a design magazine article that featured a home with hand painted cabinets and textured walls. Being a custom finisher has been a perfect fit to use her experience, passion, along with schooling to build a lucrative art and contracting business. So, after years of being in business sales and marketing, Daphne decided to take the plunge into a new career of architectural finishes, mural, and fine art and has never looked back!

When asked, “What do you love about painting, and its challenges?” Daphne’s response was, “Painting is everything. A painting of any era, technique, style, or artist has so much to say! Impressionism is my favorite style, and Monet is one of my favorite artists. I had the opportunity to see the Monet exhibit and it was fabulous! The difficultly of technique within the impressionistic style, is that the painting makes little sense up close, but when you stand back it is very, Wow…dramatic! The skill to create those layers and not over paint is quite difficult. An artist needs to understand what makes the painting relevant.”

Daphne’s love for of the impressionistic style and creating layers drove her to learn more about different Faux Effects® products, as working with plasters is remarkably similar. Daphne interest in the arts started at a young age, she went on to study art at Western State College—Gunnison, Colorado. While in Gunnison, Daphne managed an art gallery that exposed her to many artists, and artistic styles. This exposure and keen eye to detail helped Daphne improve and expand her painting skill set. Mastering decorative wall finishes required additional education which took Daphne to take decorative finishing classes all over the country. She discovered that there are countless resources for fine plasters, paints, gold leafing, stencils, and more. By investing time and tuition monies to learn about the best products on the market and their application methods, is good part of why D L Designs is still thriving in the challenging economic climate of today.

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Growing up in northern Colorado has its advantages; Daphne grew up in the mountains west of Fort Collins where there is an abundance of activities for an outdoor enthusiast. Being raised in the mountains, and their beauty, will forever inspire her works. She specifically enjoys painting landscapes and animals.

Outside of painting, Daphne enjoys spending time with her daughter, especially these hectic upcoming months before graduation and then college. She also enjoys riding her horse, Rembrandt, hiking, music, and relishing outdoor time gathering new resources and inspiration for her next painting.

In the end, making that leap to start D L Designs was a great decision. The most rewarding thing about being a small business, is being able to have the time to connect to each client, and creating finishes that are special to their individual style. D L Designs passion to have great customer connection has been an important part of maintaining and growing clientele for over 20 years.

PROJECT: The stairway finish featured here using LusterStone®, is a small part of a grand project that is my masterpiece thus far. I have been working throughout this gorgeous home for almost 6 years. Using my fine art skills, a great interior decorator, and various Faux Effects®products have transformed this home into a masterpiece… a work of art!


Daphne Potter

DL Designs--Windsor Mill Studio

301 Main Street

Windsor, Colorado

Tel: (970) 227-2553

Photography: Daphne Potter

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Roberta Stemaszek—Roberta’s Originals—Rochester, Michigan

As delightfully as crème brulee may tickle the taste buds, the true passion lies in the artful creation of it. A passion that satisfies the soul and touches the spirit of every artist…this is Roberta. She is a chef with a can of paint! Each brush stroke flows from her heart into creating a tactile desire to know if it’s real or faux.

With each certificate earned from Faux Effects® Studios and decades of experimentation, her craft has gained notoriety among her peers and clientele.

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Tasked here with devoting a room to Babylonian civilization, the Wall of Ishtar began to emerge. With carved granite and limestone slabs installed, it was now up to Roberta to make the magic happen and bring it to life.

Using LusterStone®, Venetian Gem® and Venetian Gem Clear Gloss each brick, shadow, and shade came together to harmoniously accent the granite and limestone. Is the marble real? Or is it faux...let you be the judge!


Roberta Sanger-Stemaszek

Robert’s Originals

408 W Second Street

Rochester, MI 48307

Tel: (248)-650-3872

Photography: Beverly Wilkens


Kass Wilson—WALLSTREAT-Pink room Ombre Walls:

Every year the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival prove to be one of the most celebrated events for culinary enthusiasts. The festivities included a new venue at ADAC ‒ the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center. Famous chefs were partnered with outstanding designers in Atlanta to create exhibits that offered a full sensory experience to showcase their delicacies.

This design firm sponsored a pastry chef who featured a Pavlova. This light and fluffy dessert was inspired by the Russian prima ballerina, Anna Matveyevna Pavlova. It represents the ballerina's famous swan costume consisting of a graceful and airy, layered tutu and delicate cabbage roses. The designer wanted to translate this history into their exhibit with the use of a faux finish that would capture this feeling. They explained, “Think of a delicate tutu that will dance across the walls.” The beautiful shimmer and gentle ombre’ effect of this decorative finish created the perfect backdrop for this elegant presentation.

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Kass Wilson is the owner and creative director of Wallstreat, an award-winning decorative artistry studio in Alpharetta, GA. Having been involved with the design industry for over 25 years she appreciates the opportunity to have worked with some of the most talented designers. architects, and builders in the area.

Kass has a lifelong fascination with the depth of color, dimension, and design. This is what motivates her ongoing journey as an artist in the world of advanced level decorative finishes. Inspired by a love of nature and a flair for the unconventional, Kass combines multiple mediums and advanced techniques to create innovative effects on virtually any surface. She is passionate about her work and it shows. “I love it when my finishes offer both visual as well as tactile intrigue. Success for me is when you want to touch my art.”

Her talents are a result of years of dedicated study. She has had the luxury of learning from some of the true masters of decorative artistry around the country. She continuously strives to develop her talents and gather more knowledge about how to integrate her artistry into outstanding projects.

Kass has received numerous awards for her work. She has been featured in many publications, show homes, design studios and galleries. As a guest speaker, she offers instruction to professional finishers and inspiration to interior designers about the unlimited possibilities with decorative artistry. As a writer, she has authored many articles that discuss how to utilize decorative finishes based upon the principles of design. Her book, "Creative Finishes" provides step by step instructions for the novice to achieve professional results with simple techniques.

Click here to get the recipe for this finish!


Kass Wilson--Wallstreat

DL Designs--Windsor Mill Studio

office: (770) 777 7020

mobile: (678) 591 1059


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Donna Phelps Clayton

Powder bath in private residence in Anna Maria, Florida

This elegant powder bath finish is just one element of a whole house project in this beautiful tropical design themed home. It features SetCoat® Metallic Light Bronze as the base coat. LusterStone® Brown Suede was pounced and rolled thru the DpD Stencil Design “Lisio”. A tinted ShimmmerCoat™ overglaze was applied overall to marry the foreground and background.


Donna Phelps Clayton is an accomplished faux and decorative artist and has operated a successful faux finishing business for more than 23 years. As owner and principle instructor of the Sarasota School of Faux & Architectural Finishing, a licensed Faux Effects® distributor and training center, Donna has built her reputation specializing in the development of new techniques utilizing Faux Effects® inspiring product line, unique pattern designs and exciting new embellishment materials. Her personal DpD Stencil Designs, and innovative techniques are showcased in her design of beautiful and trend setting decorative finishes created with simple and profitable techniques.


Donna Phelps Clayton

Sarasota School of Faux & Architectural Finishing

5380 Catalyst Ave in Ashton Center

Sarasota, FL 34233

Tel: (941)-921-6181

or (888)-454-FAUX


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Jacqui Mason | AW LLC

As a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, I learned concepts of interior design: valuable insights of color theory, idea visualization marketing and communications. My first job was with a prestigious package design and marketing firm in Greenwich, CT. There I learned about the volumes of research on consumer preferences/desire combined with how artistic fusions are utilized to create the successful packaging of products. Many years as a Realtor, inspired me to bring home staging to the east coast, which at the time was nearly unheard of.

It’s been a gift to have always done what I love. Now, I am able to create fine finishes right here in Vero Beach, Florida and that gives me such tremendous pleasure. I think you will love them too; my work isn’t like anything you’ve probably ever seen before. I continue to stay abreast of the latest trends and finishing techniques in the industry with courses in Dallas, Chicago, Charlotte and Sarasota and visits to High Point. I am licensed, insured and look forward to helping you acquire the look you’ve always longed for.

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Bedroom - To create a serene calming effect for this bedroom, a combination of Faux Effects®’ metallic plaster, LusterStone®, colors including Cotton White, Rhino, Silver Taupe, Moonglow Silver, and Crushed Pearl was applied. In addition, with the help of Palette Deco™ Metallic Champagne and Pearl this decadent finish blossomed with additional illumination and sparkle yet still keeping a subdued and peaceful space.

Bathroom - To create drama and reflectivity, a variety of LusterStone® colors from Crushed Pearl, Rhino, Ancient Gray and Ebony Frost were troweled over a base coat of True Silver- Set Coat®. To further enhance the beauty of the LusterStone® layers, additions included FauxCreme® glaze and MicaGlow Powders™. This mural creates much interest as it changes dramatically depending upon lighting conditions. The surrounding walls are highlighted with Crushed Pearl LusterStone®.


Jacqui Mason

Alluring Wallscapes

Studio: (772)-202-8132

Cell: (860)-287-7132

Vero Beach, FL 32967

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Denisse Meza de Leon

An honored artistic professional of recognition in her home country by interior decorator and design professionals. Denisse has studied intensively by receiving an Interior Decoration Diploma from UFM University—Guatemala, and received many certifications from the US specialty teaching studio, The Faux Finish School—Louisville, Kentucky. In addition, Denisse studied abroad in Europe, mastering decorative finishing techniques to add to her accomplished professional status. When asked about her art medium of focus, Denisse describes herself as a plaster artist, faux finisher, and wall and furniture finishes specialist.

In the area of plasters, Denisse works with combining several techniques to create beautiful and unique results to her own. She also loves to work with silver and gold leaf as well as metallic plaster, such as LusterStone®. This combination creates a very dramatic wall finish which is in high demand in her country. Abstracts are also a huge part of her latest artistic works and highly desired within the interior design and art community.

To bring inspiration to all, Denisse highlights many of her finishes and artwork with wings and angels. These happy elements bring a peaceful smile to all!


Denisse Meza


Guatemala, Central America

Tel: (502)57520021

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Ryan Favazza-Favazza’s Fine Art & Finishes-

Home Spa- Blue LusterStone Project:

“I was given a “Tiffany” jewelry box by the client and asked to create a custom metallic plaster using the quintessential “Tiffany Blue” tone of the jewelry box. Instantly, I turned to Faux Effects’®LusterStone® tint base for the perfect solution to ensure the client got the exact color she desired.

Upon hand tinting the metallic plaster, I applied the LusterStone® in 4 layers utilizing an organic skip trowel movement allowing for plenty of texture and movement throughout the ceiling finish. The adjoining walls received a polished StucoLux™ finish in White-White to allow the “Tiffany” color to pop and be the main feature of this in-home spa room project. And, Voila! The client couldn’t have been more pleased with their project, just beautiful!”

Ryan Favazza is a New England artist and owner/operator of Favazza’s Fine Art & Finishes. Ryan has been a professional decorative finisher for approximately 20 years and credits Faux Effects® products and support for being instrumental in his growth and success in the decorative painting trade.

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Ryan enjoys combining his illustration/fine art background he received at Montserrat College of Art with age old decorative painting and plastering techniques to bring his clients visions to life!


Ryan Favazza

Favazza’s Fine Art & Finishes

Beverly, MA 01915

Tel: (508)-344-5290

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